OneWorld Real Estate is founded on the belief that all its employees are members of the same family that would grow and aim for the same goals. Determined to change the current culture and impression of real estate as a quick way to make money, we are leading by example that a two-way communication is key to a strong organization.

Putting people first is our principle. We regard being inclusive in our strategy as a means to foster a team of incredible talents to deliver wonderful results. What we are offering is a culture where you can explore ideas and ask questions without prejudice.

It will be our greatest pleasure to help you grow to meet your personal goals, meet other like-minded individuals with hopes that you can inspire one another, and to have more positive and willing individuals join our growing family.

OneWorld Real Estate was founded on the fundamental that all employees are closely-knitted family members exhibiting the same core values: Loving, Passionate, Positive and Disciplined. Placing people assets before pure monetary gains has always been our top priority. With a structured learning culture and environment, we indeed boast a strong reputation of being one with a dedicated personal development and career advancement platform.

Although real estate is widely recognised as an industry to potentially generate wealth in massive monetary gains, our management often instill a high level of work ethics and integrity. This is evident in the vast majority of our team leaders who have been with OneWorld Real Estate for as long as 10 years, despite many being consistently lured by rival local agencies.

As our Mission Statement goes, we at OneWorld Real Estate firmly believe in offering a life career in real estate with strong family values, towards helping young agents achieve their dreams, with a real sense of moral integrity.
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Guide to The Entrepreneur's World
Since 2016, OneWorld Real Estate have been in close collaboration with Tar University College, HELP and Utar, where undergraduates are placed at our agency for a period of 3 to 4 months, for more on-the-field learning and engagement with leaders, in either areas of subsale or projects.
With our people-come-first initiative, we regard our interns as a challenge from whom we strive to cultivate into fulfilled and valued professionals. Their learning months are basically in line with the identical routines involving our young negotiators, like the Monday agents meeting, invited professional speakers' forum, basic skills training and commercial property workshops.
By involving the interns in most agency activities, they would feel more engaged as being part of the family. And most critically, work integration can be seamless, learning application is more direct, and daily challenges are tackled collectively in groups. For a young intern with hunger for continuous learning in our agency, the sky's surely the limit !
Creating Property Entrepreneurs
Crafting Your Career Path
If planned early and effectively, a career pathing model can be one that leads to a fulfilling professional working life, with substantial impact in our later years. Passion, dedication to skills development and a love for the pursued industry, are often lacking in many young and even middle-aged career seekers. This awareness has led us to creating a youthful and trusting work environment, as evident in our committed internship program in collaboration with TAR University College, since 2016. Career Pathing at OneWorld Real Estate is always a purposeful, persistent and devoted effort. Besides pursuing sales, many agency leaders are dedicated to engaging with their young & understudy agents in many aspects of work, like customer engagement, effective negotiation, document facilitation, and niche business identification. All these would help every agent to substantially be aware of their own strengths and specific areas of interest, as part of their career building effort.
Core Values
At OneWorld Real Estate, these values (below) embody family-oriented traits, which have been the motivational factors among many of our agents
A loving heart is the soul and at the center of all driving forces, from intentions and motivations to decisions and actions. Ultimately, genuine love breeds unconditional care and cultivate a selfless attitude and generous spirit.
Essential to the real estate industry, passion is a key trait to propel an agent to sail in uncharted territories and thrive in daunting circumstances. Success or not, passion sustains one's effort without complacency and fear of failure.
A trademark to all successful people. It is indeed this uncompromised trait that drives all successes in real estate, especially when scaling challenges of a greater height.
A trademark to all successful people. It is indeed this uncompromised trait that drives all successes in real estate, especially when scaling challenges of a greater height.
Right attitude produces positivity or vice-versa, and can lead one to overcome times of adversity. A positive spirit is generally upbeat, resilient, contagious to disheartened figures, and tends to perform at a consistent level.